“My Mother Sacrificed Her Mangalsutra For India”: Priyanka Gandhi Amid Row

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today rubbished Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments about the Congress robbing people of their wealth to give to “imposters”, questioning if such a thing has ever happened in the 50-year rule of the party. As for mangalsutras, her mother’s was sacrificed for the country and her grandmother’s gold was donated during the war, she pointed out.

Speaking in Bengaluru today, Ms Gandhi Vadra questioned her audience what they heard these days when they turn on the television. Not plans for their welfare or development, but “crazy talk” and demands.

“The Prime Minister is saying they will cross 400 and change the constitution… sometimes he said he is being abused, or about religion. You are among the most qualified cities in the world, do you deserve this?” she said.

“He says the Congress wants to take away your gold, your mangalsutra. The country has been independent for 70 years. The Congress ruled for 50 years. Has anyone robbed you of your gold or your mangalsutra? When the war was on, Indira Gandhi gave her gold to the country. My mother’s mangalsutra was sacrificed for this country,” she said.

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